Life at Brigadoon

Life at Brigadoon brings an opportunity to live life to its fullest, under the care and
consideration of experienced staff who offer kind and compassionate assistance.

Care options

We provide Dementia assisted living, 24 hour specialised care, daycare, respite care and hospice care at Brigadoon.

Day care allows non-residents to enjoy all the benefits of Brigadoon. Carers can use us as a safe and happy alternative when they are unable to be present during the day.



  • Care options
  • Memory care program
  • Memory café
  • AD-ventures and social events
  • Dementia care training and workshops
  • Dementia care consulting

Memory care program

Our memory care communities are set up for safe engagement in activities that provide residents with a sense of purpose and a means to enjoy life to the fullest.

Our supportive and therapeutic environments are designed to encourage spontaneous involvement in various leisurely, household or cognitive activities. Residents choose activities they would like to join for example:

  • A daily morning praise and worship
  • Cognitive workout with discussions
  • Brain stimulating games
  • A daily exercise program
  • Reminiscence and sensory program
  • Gardening
  • Baking
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music
  • Performing arts
  • Massage therapy
  • Individual therapy

Memory café

We started the Memory Cafe support group in 2015 for family and friends of people living with Dementia. Your loved one living with Dementia can come along to enjoy some social time with our residents, while you share your experiences with others over a cup of coffee/tea and refreshments. The Memory cafe is held once a month and is a free service.


AD-ventures and social events

The excursions for people living with Dementia includes visiting local historic sites, exploring the surrounds and going on outings. Any person in the earlier stages of Dementia is welcome to join us.

To book your place please contact us.

Training and workshops

We provide Dementia specific training and workshops for nurses, home carers & anyone else who is interested to learn about Dementia.


Dementia care consulting

Our Dementia care specialist is here to support you. We assist with choosing the most appropriate care options (for example at home care, assisted living & long-term care) for your unique situation.

We will also advise you about care related challenges and provide counselling when you experience caregiver burnout